Martin Eimer - Martin runs the brain and behaviour lab at Birkbeck College. There he studies the relationship between overt indicators of task performance and covert responses generated by external and internal cognitive processes.

Nima Khalighinejad - Nima is a PhD student in the action and body lab at the ICN. He is interested in the sense of agency we feel over self-caused events and how the frontal and parietal circuits link intentional actions with subsequent outcomes.

Anna Kuppuswamy - Anna is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Neurology. She is interested in understanding whether fatigue occurring in stroke patients is due only to changes in motor areas of the cortex.

Geraint Rees - Geraint runs the awareness lab at the ICN. There he uses fMRI in combination with psychophysics and transcranial magnetic stimulation to understand the underlying neural mechanisms of our visual awareness.